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Lemonhead Lyrics

Lemonhead Lyrics - Tyler The Creator

Y’all niggas know what’s up
You say, you say pandemic?
Oh, you wanna see a pandemic?
Well shit, remove us from the game
I don’t lean
Then shit’ll really get crazy
I don’t lean
Gangsta Grillz

I don’t lean but my house do
Off the hill with the mean view
Nice house, if you look out
You can see some eagles and a few yachts
Got a roommate, he won’t move out
If you want smoke, he the cool aunt
And he drill shit, got the tool out
It’s the Wolf Gang, Brooklyn Zoo out
Nigga, Wu-Tang, you get chewed out
When we woo-hah, this is Flipmode
And thеy know you’re pussy like the douchе, ah
Bitch, I’m cuckoo and his mouth wet
He a pool now, used to stage dive, but they sue now
I was too hot, TLC waterfalls on my chest help me cool out
Got too many cars, shit a go-kart
They’re catchin’ dust, won’t even start
Earlobe with lemonheads, lookin’ like Bart
Keep your Patek, I spent that on art
How much it cost? Shit, I don’t know (Nah)
But I know that stage a million a show
Stuck in my ways, they say, “How so?”
First nigga put a bike rack on the Rolls, T

A young turnt nigga, I be fuckin’ these hoes
Twenty appearance, I get it, I go (I’m here)
Rich, tell the world, “Come see me out low”
I ain’t rockin’ with cuz, nigga, free my bros
I ain’t got no safe and they see me shinin’
Still fuck, I’m grindin’
Eighty for a gram, remind ’em
Two-tone Patek in this bitch, goddammit
Ten bad hoes, nigga, look at that bitch (Look at that)
Still sellin’ dope, I be cookin’ that shit (Man, for real, dog shit)
My hoodie like six bands (Look, dog shit)
Over a hunnid (Yeah, yeah)
I’m from the bottom, bitch, we get money
Might tip a good ho, but then she ain’t gettin’ nothin’
Car go skrrt, hold on (Ha, pretty good, start it up)
Nigga, you got lucky (Skrrt)
All this paper, I can bet she fuck
I ain’t doin’ no talkin’, I ain’t doin’ no savin’
Took her from a lame, I get his bitch back (Here)
Know I ain’t crazy, nigga still tote straps
Like, “Get on, bitch, just spit on shit”
Man, oh my God, “Remember lil’—?”
Yeah, he got dropped, I’m gone

Call on me
If you get lost
Call on me
If you get lost
If you get lost
Call on me
If you get lost…

Label:Tyler The Creator

Lemonhead Lyrics Information
Title: Lemonhead Lyrics
Label: Tyler The Creator
Singer: Tyler The Creator
Music: Tyler The Creator
Lyricist: Tyler The Creator